Most of my posts (with some exceptions) are not about things that happen to me,they're simply stories or thoughts that i hope hold a message within them...

Feb 10, 2012

battle of the conscious

Do the right thing or the wrong thing?

*Doing the right thing will make me feel good and give me a sense of relief later on.
*Doing the wrong thing,although might feel good at the time,but will give me an annoying sense of guilt and regret afterwards

So if the outcome for each choice is clear then why the inner struggle if i know that doing whats right is right and doing whats wrong is wrong?!

Curse the devil within me!!

Oct 2, 2011

No one thinks big of you !!

 Taking a final look in the mirror,he put his cap on and left the room.
Downstairs his dad was in the living room hiding behind the newspaper,his mother was in the kitchen,
"Where are you off to?" she asked.
"I've got a race in an hour" he answered with a guilty look.
"When are you going to stop these races?!my heart sure does every time Ur in one,you could really get hurt!".
"I'll be fine mum". He gave her a comforting smile that didn't seem to convince her.
His dad looked up from behind the paper "just try to come back in one piece will u?we still want u around".
"I'll try",grinning he gave his mum a wink and headed for the door.
The track was noisier than usual,it wasn't that crowded but there was still a big audience.
"Go get 'em tiger!" his freind gave him a pat on the back and handed him his helmet .
"Thx man" getting on his bike he took a final look around.There were four other contestants with him.

 Racing lightning he took off,the crowd started shouting and cheering,he felt the adrenaline rush through his body.
Speeding through the race course he saw a sharp turn in front of him.Checking to make sure he had the lead,he looked back,his opponents were close but he was still ahead.Turning back to face the track he found he was too close to the turn,turning his whole body with the bike to make it,he lost his grip.
Next thing he knew he was face down on the ground thrown away from his bike,pain covering his body.

He woke up to find himself apparently in the hospital,his parents and some of his friends around his bed.
He looked at his parents,his dad had a serious look on his face,he was standing behind his mum with his hand on her shoulder.Unlike his dad her eyes were puffy and red....."i told you son,no one thinks big of you when you speed to death."

Sep 15, 2011

But...............there is still hope!

As cruel and as awful as i came to realize this world can be,I'm proud to say that it still hasn't managed to suck out the good in people.
there are heaps of great people out there just waiting for a chance to give and help,maybe even outnumbering the twisted and psychotic ones,just depends on how you look at things {glass half full,half empty theory}.
i guess it all falls into maintaining the balance of the world.
But there is still hope for humanity......that much im pretty sure off,and that much im counting on to survive.

Sep 8, 2011


"Whats wrong?"
my mum was sitting in front of the tv,sniffing,eyes puffy and red.
"may god have mercy on us"she said, grabbing a tissue from the table next to her.
Yes!may god have mercy on us,cause its only gods mercy that will pull us through this.
i mean for crying out loud "what the hell is wrong with our world?!?!?!"
yes i knew it was out there,but i didn't know it was this sick and it was never this close.
when did killing a humen life,a brother or sister in humanity become so consequenceless.
when did destroying a person,even without taking his\her life away,but leaving it wrecked and permanently damaged become so easy.
As for most of us who consider ourselves good guys,when did we stop caring ?
yes we sympathize with other peoples loses,grieves and tragedies,but we don't really CARE!!!
i mean i could cry over a child being killed in front of his mothers eyes but a couple of hours later i could watch a comedy movie and laugh like theres nothing wrong!
So i don't know if its hypocrisy,or if our hearts have just turned to stone,or if we each have just moved into separate egocentric worlds "if im ok than too bad for everyone else"

Sep 1, 2011


god bless my Libyan brothers

The people have spoken!speaking from my country i'd say the libyan people have spoken their mind,they've said it, said what needs to be said.enough is enough,its time to change,time to push this country forward,landmark it on the world map.
I never liked the status of the country,i always complained about how things were and how i thought they should be,how we deserved more than what was given to us by our country.but i thought thats the way things were and will be,that libya was a 3rd degree country and thats its destiny.
And to be honest i blamed the people,i belived there was a certin set of genes in the libyan population that made them unbearable.i know that sounds egotistic but thats the way it was.
But.........i was proven wrong!my fellow libyans are just fine ,they were just as depressed about the way things were as i was.
The rebels had shown me that unlike me who wasn't even good enough to talk the talk (exept amoung the saftey of my home walls)they could walk the walk,and they walked it with pride.
They decided it was time to make some changes and they put their lives at stake to make them,they relized that changes dont come easy,that freedom and life with dignity had its price and they were willing to pay it.
So i admire and respect my country's heroes and for the first time i can honestly say  IM PROUD TO BE LIBYAN!